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Protop Skin Power Plus

Protop Skin Power PlusĀ is the skin saver against air pollutants and toxic particles from environment! It effectively purifies the skin from pollutants and protect against harsh toxic particles from pollution. It also has functions like anti-oxidant, brightening effects, reduce wrinkles, and helps to strengthen skin elasticity.


Our newly-enhanced anti-pollution face lotion is formulated to fight against damaged skin from pollution and protect against harsh external environment. It effectively purifies tough toxic particles on the skin to unblock pores to restore healthy, radiant skin. Protop Skin Power Plus has brightening effects to help inhibit the formation of pigment melanin and lighten up skin complexion. The antioxidant property in this face lotion also reinforces the skin tissues to protect against oxidation, reduce wrinkles, and increase skin elasticity.

Key Benefits of Protop Skin Power Plus

  • Effective anti-pollution face lotion to protect and fight against air pollutants and environmental toxic chemical
  • Brightens skin complexion
  • Reduce wrinkle and strengthens skin firmness

Product Details




Apply 10-15 drops on a cotton pad. Cleanse the face in a circular motion with the cotton pad. For use in morning and evening. Recommend to use a moisturizer after usage.


Morning and evening

Product Type

Face lotion